David Axelrod: I Had A ‘Big Cry’ When President’s Health Care Law Was Passed

David Axelrod, senior adviser for Barack Obama‘s re-election campaign, spoke with New York magazine reporter and frequent Morning Joe panelist John Heilemann at 92Y, telling Heilemann that he had a “big cry” over the passage of President Obama’s health care law.

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“I have a child with a chronic illness,” he shared. “I was one of those people who almost went bankrupt. She was seven months old and she started having seizures. I was making 35, 38 thousand dollars a year and her medications weren’t covered by her insurance and we couldn’t get her other insurance because she had a pre-existing condition. So I was paying eight to ten thousand dollars out of pocket for medications a year.”

He recalls being in the White House’s Roosevelt Room when the voters on the law were coming in, and stepping out for a moment to cry in private. He remembers later thanking the President on behalf of his family, and being told by Obama that “this is why we do the work.”

Have a listen, courtesy of 92Y:

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