David Brooks: Post-Apocalypse, Tea Partiers Will Rule The Next Decade

“But don’t underestimate the deep reservoirs of public disgust. If there is a double-dip recession, a long period of stagnation, a fiscal crisis, a terrorist attack or some other major scandal or event, the country could demand total change, creating a vacuum that only the tea party movement and its inheritors would be in a position to fill.”

Five days into the new decade and David Brooks, in what sounds like some sort of preamble to Beyond the Thunderdome, is predicting that it will be known as the Tea Party Teens.

Sound scary? Brooks points out there is plenty of recent historical precedent to back this conclusion: “the way the hippies defined the 1960s; the feminists, the 1970s; the Christian conservatives, the 1980s. American history is often driven by passionate outsiders who force themselves into the center of American life.” Which technically,yes, are all examples of ideas “associated with the educated class” gone sour. That said, I would love to see David Brooks to tell Gloria Steinem to her face that she was a precursor to the Tea Partiers.

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