David Frum: MSNBC Could Be as ‘Inaccurate as Fox, and It Still Would Not Be Right to Shut it Down’

Gen. John Kelly has received some positive reviews for his impromptu turn at the White House podium Thursday. But one former Republican White House staffer wasn’t a fan.

Appearing on The Beat, David Frum of The Atlantic — a prominent Never Trump conservative who worked as a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush — said that Kelly faced the same choice that everyone else does when they face the Trump White House press corps. He can either defend the President, or tell the truth. He cannot do both.

“John Kelly, although he thought he was only doing what he needed to do, ended up seeming to endorse the President’s statements,” Frum said. He added, “In that job, it really becomes impossible [to avoid saying things that are untrue]. And you then associate yourself with statements that are either untrue or in the case of president’s recent comments of the press, anti-Constitutional.”

Frum was referring to Trump’s Wednesday threat to revoke NBC’s broadcast license, and said that Kelly’s presence at the podium ties him to words like those from Trump.

“We are within 24 hours of the President threatening to shut down this network because he doesn’t like the way it reports,” Frum said. “This network could be as horribly inaccurate…as Fox [News] and it still would not be right to shut it down.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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