GOP Compares Health Care Bill To Armageddon; Massive “Debt Asteroid”

When Rep. John Boehner said that the passing of the health care bill would be Armageddon, we thought he was speaking in hyperbole. Turns out, he was speaking in coded movie metaphors: at least that’s how the rest of the GOP is unconsciously internalizing it. How else can you explain the simile used by Republican Senator Judd Gregg today when talking about the added cost of Medicaid to our national debt, saying “…and so this will all end up rolling up into a giant ball, like a huge massive asteroid headed for earth.”

Hopefully by then we will have found a way to clone Bruce Willis so he can go and blow up this debt meteor even though Ben Affleck picked the short straw. And lo, there will be an Aerosmith soundtrack playing when this health care bill becomes sentient with the help of Skynet and takes over the planet…wait, now we’re confusing our Doomsday scenarios. But it’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault.

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