Déjà Vu: Cruz Camp Person Roughed Up a Reporter (And Then They Apologized to Her!)


Screen-Shot-2016-03-21-at-5.08.18-PMDonald Trump‘s campaign events have come under fire for excessive violence in the past few weeks, but other campaigns’ rallies have managed to keep a much lower profile. Ted Cruz, for instance, has had very little drama at his speeches. Until now!

Here is a tweet from Emma Dumain, a reporter for The Post and Courier:

Sound familiar? It’s a lot like what former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields alleges happened to her at a Trump event. That turned into one of the biggest stories this campaign season and resulted in six people quitting at Breitbart, including Fields, who lost two jobs in a week. Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager who allegedly assaulted Fields, has faced no repercussions and has had his boss’ complete support throughout this entire debacle. He’s already embroiled in another excessive force scandal and his past abusive history has been made public in recent days.

But wait, what’s this?

An apology?

Two apologies?

Actually, the whole situation was handled reasonably. Dumain is still annoyed, understandably, but was given apologies and an interview. She has expressed the hope that incidents like this won’t happen anymore.

So maybe calling it déjà vu was an overstatement. In fact, Dumain, more than anyone, wants to point out the distinction between her story and that of Fields.

Ultimately, this could have gone worse and the Cruz campaign’s handling of the situation should be a lesson to leaders in any field.

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