Del Castillo Rips Penn’s Article on el Chapo: ‘Total and Complete Bullshit’

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.23.13 PMWhen Sean Penn interviewed escaped drug lord el Chapo, people took notice. Yes, some people laughed, but they took notice. After all, it was wildly unexpected for a famous actor to land an interview with a man who dug a tunnel out of prison.

One person who took notice and was blindsided by the unexpected interview just so happened to be the same person who set the whole thing up. Mexican actress Kate del Castillo is now claiming she had no idea that Penn’s intentions were to publish an article about his meeting with the cartel kingpin.

del Castillo had been approached by el Chapo to create a movie based on his life. She brokered his meeting with Penn and recently spoke to The New Yorker, revealing this:

Del Castillo says that Penn’s claim that he told her about his idea for an article at their first meeting is “total and complete bullshit,” and that his mention of the story to El Chapo was the first she had heard of it.

She went on to say that she was surprised, but rolled with it after the article came out, believing that maybe they could just rework the movie to be based on the publication of the piece.

Now, she’s being investigated and el Chapo is back in custody. Just like a movie!

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