Delayed Thanksgiving Flight Leads to Unbelievable Note-Passing Showdown

A note-passing war aboard an airplane spilled over into Twitter on Thursday, as Bachelorette producer Elan Gale live-tweeted his profane dispute with an obnoxious fellow passenger, a battle that resulted in flights missed and faces slapped. If you had stressful Thanksgiving, at least it didn’t involve grown adults telling each other to eat dick (probably).

The problem started when “Diane” began protesting the plane’s late takeoff, as she had Thanksgiving plans, apparently unlike everybody else on the flight:

Gale finally decided the woman could use a drink, so he sent her one, along with a note suggesting she maybe calm the eff down:

Diane didn’t appreciate that, which is crazy, cuz it was free vino:

And that’s when it got real:

When Gale finally deplaned, Diane slapped him, and had to be restrained by airport personnel. In a ironic twist, this may have caused her to miss her connecting flight:

Moral of the story: if you’re obnoxious enough, someone will buy you wine

Happy Thanksgiving.

Update: Elan Gale has revealed, via Twitter, that there is no Diane:

[h/t BuzzFeed]

[Image via screengrab]

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