Do You Know Bruce

Dem Congressman Does His Best Bruce Lee Impression Because Sure Why Not

This Vine is adorable, but make sure to mute it after the first 20 loops or so:

According to the Washington Post, this is Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) dressed as Bruce Lee (not Uma Thurman), wearing the actual yellow jumpsuit from Lee’s last movie Game of Death.

The rather surreal Vine is actually a promotion for the Wing Luke Museum’s upcoming Bruce Lee exhibit, entitled, “Do You Know Bruce?” Ah, we get it now:

The Wing Museum loaned the costume to McDermott, who filmed the Vine at his Seattle office. He and the museum came up with the Vine idea together.

“The Congressman is a Bruce Lee fan,” writes Jack D’Annibale, McDermott’s spokesperson in an email, “and a deep, longtime supporter of the Wing Luke Museum and the Vine felt like a fun way to publicize the exhibit.”

[The Washington Post]
[Featured image via screenshot]

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