Dem Gov. Martin O’Malley: ‘WiFi Is a Human Right’


Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has raised some eyebrows this week by suggesting that “WiFi is a human right.”

In a CNN profile piece, the Democratic governor (oft-mentioned as a possible presidential candidate) explained that he sees a political “renaissance” emerging with young people and a more technological future [emphasis added]:

“Baby boomers and older were often told that if we specialize in terms of our skills, we will be more secure and prosperous, that the definition of ‘making it” was living out in the suburbs as far way as possible with the biggest lawn possible,” he said. “Young people have flipped that on its head. Younger people are choosing to live in cities. They realize that connections to each other are making us better. That WiFi is a human right. That proximity is important to entrepreneurship, access to capital and talent and diversity. There is an opportunity there for us as a nation to embrace that new perspective.

Political media noticed that line and quickly took to mocking/scratching their heads:

Access to Mediaite is a human right, by the way.

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