Dem Rep on Ellison’s Past Support For Separate Black Country: ‘I Don’t See Anything Really Objectionable’

Keith EllisonGeorgia Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson reacted to the news that DNC chairman candidate Keith Ellison once supported creating a separate country for black Americans, saying he didn’t see what the big deal was.

Daily Caller reporter Alex Pfeiffer tried and failed to find a member of the Congressional Black Caucus who disagreed with the Minnesota Congressman’s law school article (written under the name “Keith Hakim”) that advocated for black separatism:

Blacks would have the option of choosing their own land base or remaining in the United States. Since black people toiled most diligently in the southeastern section of the United States, this land, quite naturally, would be most suitable. That means Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Blacks, of course, would not be compelled to move to the black state, and, of course, peaceful whites would not be compelled to move away.

Most congressmen simply dodged Pfeiffer’s questions, but Johnson did not. “I don’t see anything really objectionable. What he apparently proposed was a partitioning of the United States into a southeastern section,” he argued.

“These are not ideas that have not been discussed by black folks throughout history,” he continued. Johnson even told The Daily Caller that he advocated for similar ideas in college.

Presumably Johnson would not support creating the new black nation on Guam, since he famously worried that the island would tip over if too many people lived there.

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