Dem Rep on Why Conyers Won’t Resign Like Other Sexual Harassers: ‘Who Elected Them?’

Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC.) had a moment today in Congress that can charitably be described as tone deaf (or worse, even arrogant) when he fended off reporters with questions about John Conyers‘ (D-MI) sexual harassment accusations.

As Conyers faces mounting political pressure due to the allegations against him, there have been several recent reports suggesting that the Congressional Black Caucus is trying to get him to resign. As a fellow member of the caucus, Clyburn was asked for his thoughts about why Conyers hasn’t stepped aside like so many other public figures have with all of the recent sexual misconduct scandals around the country.

When reporters listed Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Ross and other downfalls caused by sexual harassment, Clyburn responded with “who elected them?”

These comments came hours after NBC’s Matt Lauer was fired from his network for inappropriate sexual behavior.

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