Dem Rep. Tees Off on Republicans’ Twitter Complaints During Jack Dorsey Hearing: ‘It’s a Load of Crap’


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on a number of issues regarding the social media giant, including Republican complaints of alleged censorship of conservatives.

Congresman Mike Doyle (D- PA) read off statements by President Donald Trump and other Republicans making claims against Twitter that Dorsey said were just false.

“The premise of this whole hearing and the reason that Twitter somehow… got the singular honor to sit in front of this committee,” Doyle said, “is because there’s some implication that your site is trying to censor conservative voices on your platform.”

He spoke with Dorsey about being an “equal opportunity shadow-banner” that isn’t solely targeting Republicans and asked, “Twitter undertook no behavior to selectively censor conservative Republicans or conservative voices on your platform, is that correct?”

“Correct,” Dorsey said.

Doyle concluded with this:

“Let the record reflect that, because that’s the whole reason supposedly we’re here, because House Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote our chairman a letter and said, ‘Hey, this is going on and your committee should investigate it.’ And it’s a load of crap.”

You can watch the clip above, via Bloomberg.

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