Dem Sen. Defends Using Ebola Scare to Attack Opponent in Ad

Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor put out a new campaign ad invoking the ebola scare and basically attacking his opponent over it. It seemed rather out-there, but Pryor’s defending the ad as a perfectly fair attack.

The ad plays cable news clips heightening the ebola scare, right before saying that Republican challenger Tom Cotton voted against preparing the U.S. for such pandemics. Cotton’s campaign, obviously, isn’t happy about this tactic, calling it “desperate,” but Pryor is standing by it.

Arkansas News reports that Pryor called the ad “fair game” because legislators should understand the consequences of their votes.

“I wouldn’t say it’s contributing to the hysteria. I think it’s a very current topic that’s on the front page just about every day, or one of the lead stories in the news just about every night. It’s something that people care about, they’re paying attention to. And the two of us have a voting record on this, and our voting record is in sharp contrast, so I think it’s fair game.”

You can watch the ad here:

[h/t TPM]
[image via screengrab]

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