Dem Sen. Manchin: ‘People Just Don’t Believe’ Obama Cares

Some Democrats have already turned on President Obama following the crushing midterm losses, and now a more conservative Democrat is taking his shots. In an interview with Time, Senator Joe Manchin says that most Americans just think President Obama doesn’t care about them.

He recalls the old saying that “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” and acknowledges that while the president is “bright” and a very good orator, “people just don’t believe he cares, that’s the disconnect that I’m seeing.”

And as for the impending Republican takeover, Manchin is looking forward to, hopefully, a Congress that doesn’t “go to extremes” and actually wants to solve problems. He’s encouraged by Republicans talking of bringing change, but is wary that it may just be “smoke and mirrors,” in which case he doesn’t want to be playing their game.

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