Democratic Rep.: We’ll Call on Trump to ‘Recant and to Apologize’ to Obama if No Proof on Wiretap Claim

During an appearance on CNN’s New Day this morning, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) commented on the lack of evidence presented by the Trump administration to backup President Donald Trump’s claims that his predecessor wiretapped his phones prior to the election.

In the wake of the Department of Justice asking for an extension from Congress on Monday’s deadline to provide proof surrounding the president’s assertion, Speier — a member of the House Intelligence Committee — told host Poppy Harlow that there would be “no question” that they’ll subpoena any evidence if they have to. She then noted that if any wiretap was done, probable cause would have had to be shown to a federal judge.

Asked by Harlow what their plan is if no evidence is presented to support Trump’s claims, Speier explained that they would demand the president take it back.

“Well, long-term play is we will call upon the president to recant and to apologize to former President Obama,” the Democratic lawmaker stated. “And we don’t make those kinds of allegations — criminal allegations — against a former president as he did so recklessly.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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