Democratic Strategist Explains Why Dems Should Vote for Donald Trump

“Hillary Clinton is driving Democrats to Donald Trump?” Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo tweeted Tuesday morning.

Harlan Hill appeared as a guest on Bartiromo’s show Tuesday morning to argue that Hillary Clinton was an untenable candidate weighed down by too many scandals. That is why he — a Democratic strategist and Sanders supporter — was leaning toward voting for Donald Trump, he said.

Clinton’s lead was “insurmountable,” he said. All the same, the Democratic frontrunner’s shady past was enough to make him reconsider his party allegiance.

“I am now turning my attention from that side of the aisle to the Republican side, I’m a Democratic strategist. I’ve done 120 campaigns all over this country, and I think that Hillary Clinton’s track record of lies, deceit, and fraud — her 30 years of scandals, from Benghazi to the email scandal — it just means that she’s an untenable candidate in my opinion. So I’m looking at my Republican options.

Asked to clarify what those options were, Hill replied: “Donald Trump. That’s it.”

Check out the video above, courtesy of Fox Business.

[image via screengrab]

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