Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Arrives To Court On A Gurney And In A Cage

Today, Egyptian state television showed the country’s ousted former leader, Hosni Mubarak, being wheeled into a Cairo courtroom on a gurney. Mubarak is in court to face trial for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters in his country earlier this year. In addition, his sons, Alaa and Galaa, are facing corruption charges while Egypt’s former interior minister Habib el Adly is also being tried on charges that he ordered the killing of protesters.

The ailing Mubarak, for his part, denies “all these charges and accusations categorically.” He will be held at a nearby hospital while the trial unfolds.

Although he has been hospitalized for months now and his lawyer insists his client should not be put on trial due to his health, Egypt’s health minister has certified that he is indeed physically able to go through with the proceedings.

Watch opening moments from the trial below:

h/t and The Washington Post

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