Wrath of Comey

Deputy Attorney General Now Suggesting He May Have to Recuse Himself From Russia Probe


On Friday news emerged that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was weighing whether it was necessary for him to recuse himself in the Russia investigation.

The Deputy Attorney General took over the matter when his boss Jeff Session recused himself from the investigation after revelations that he had a number of undisclosed meetings with Russia’s U.S. Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

According to a report from ABC News, Rosenstein has privately told a number of Justice Department colleagues that his role in the firing of James Comey — including authoring the administration’s official justification for the action — might force him to step aside from the inquiry.

It is known that the investigation expanded to include Trump shortly after Comey was fired last month. The firing and Rosenstein’s involvement was immediately viewed as political — something Trump quasi-confirmed to Lester Holt. The administration justified the Comey move by placing the idea on Rosenstein and hiding behind his unblemished career in public service. The heat became so intense on Rosenstein that he reportedly threatened to resign over it, though he later declined those reports.

Those accusations against his impartiality likely played a role in Rosenstein’s most consequential decision in the probe to date: the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller III as an independent counsel. After initially receiving bipartisan support, a growing number of Republicans have now begun casting doubt on Mueller’s neutrality.

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