Did a Piece of Malaysia Airlines MH370 Wash Up on Mozambique Shores Overnight?

mh370Officials have found the fragment of an aircraft off the coast of Mozambique today, and it might be connected to the Malaysian plane that disappeared over the Indian Ocean two years ago.

When MH370 vanished in 2014, it triggered a media sensation that was viewed by some as superfluous with CNN’s round-the-clock coverage at the time. The doomed jet was brought into focus again last year when parts of it were found on the island of Reunion.

Initial analysis of the new piece suggests that its part of a Boeing 777 aircraft. The object has the words “NO STEP” on it, and it could be part of the jet’s flight stabilizing equipment near the rear of the aircraft.

American, Malaysian, and Australian investigators have examined the early photographic evidence, and they suggest that there is a good chance that it is from the same plane as the piece from Reunion.

[h/t NBC]
[image via screengrab]

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