Did CNN Unfairly Edit The Ron Paul Walk Off Interview? Watch The Uncut Interview

The full-length, uncut video of CNN’s contentious interview with Ron Paul has been uploaded to the web.

According to a popular post on the social link-sharing website Reddit and Daily Paul, a site for Ron Paul supporters, CNN’s original aired interview was “edited” and “misleading”.

The full-unedited cut still shows Paul leaving the interview while Gloria Borger is peppering him with questions about his controversial newsletters. But some say that the original cut makes Paul look bad and was unfairly edited.

“By watching the full one, it looks like he refused to answer the question and then walked off,” said user SCope13.

“The edited video was very convincing. I believed he cut and ran. Now that I’ve seen the uncut one though… It gives you an entirely different impression than the one I originally saw,” said user globalvar.

What do you think?

Here is the uncut interview from CNN:

And here is the interview as it aired on CNN:

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