Did Fox News Misidentify A Japanese Nightclub As A Nuclear Power Plant?

There is growing concern over the stability of Japanese Nuclear power plants after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami from last weekend, and many Western journalists are left to report on breaking news by deciphering through a foreign language. So, its not surprising that some mistakes get made along the way. Case in point? The apparent identification of a Japanese nightclub in the district of Shibuya called “Eggman” as a Nuclear power plant. Can’t win em all.

Matt Stopera writes for BuzzFeed “Shibuyaeggman” does not actually exist. In reality, there’s a nightclub called Eggman in the Tokyo district of Shibuya. Same thing.”

A simple Google search reveals that Stopera is correct. According to Virtual Japan:Shibuya Eggman is a live hall and dance club located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It opened in 1981. Eggman is one of Shibuya’s most established clubs, though it still tends to fit mostly indie and underground bands. Reggae and hip hop have also become popular musical types since the year 2000.

(H/T Media Matters, Via Buzzfeed)

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