Did Michele Bachmann Just Agree That Obama Should Be Impeached?

Did Michele Bachmann agree that President Barack Obama should be impeached? Video footage of her meeting well-wishers after an Iowa stump speech shows the nominee hopeful nodding and agreeing after being asked, “When will we impeach him and get him out of the way?”

“Well, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I agree, I agree. Some people are really upset,” replied Bachmann with a firm handshake and steady eye contact, before quickly moving on.

Bachmann’s camp does not want credit for the comment, and have already begun working to turn the story. As Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart explained to the National Journal, “Bachmann was not saying that she agrees that Obama should be impeached. She agreed with the man on what they were talking about before — the people are frustrated.”

The video doesn’t show the conversation prior, nor does it particularly lend the impression that conversation was all so serious — the casual way she rubs the woman’s shoulders at the end of the video, for example, is probably not “business.” She did, however, seem engaged with that man, and she does have a practice of going off cue. Whether or not she meant it or the clip has been edited or otherwise, Bachmann’s problems with image control clearly persist.

What do you think?

h/t The Blaze

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