Did Tiger Woods Get A Call From Barack Obama?

When Golf Digest had that major whoops…putting a cover out of President Barack Obama with PGA winner Tiger Woods under the caption, “10 Tips Obama Could Take From Tiger” right in the middle of the media unearthing all of Tiger Woods’ scandalous affairs, we could chalk it up to bad timing. But now the magazine thinks it’s on to something…did the president really call Tiger during the blizzard of bad p.r. and offer words of encouragement?

According to the April edition of GD, both Barack Obama and former president Bill Clinton called Tiger to offer reassurance and guidance. Is it true? The POTUS camp says no, according to ABC’s Jake Tapper, although the wording in the article is vague enough to imply that the President’s camp made the phone call, but did not speak to Tiger directly.

President Obama also made a personal call to offer encouragement. So did Bill Clinton, whose experience might be particularly instructive.

Yeah, for some reason Bill Clinton calling Tiger Woods makes total sense to us. Barack Obama, with his full plate right now, should have more important things to worry about than picking up the spirits of the disgraced golfer.

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