Did You Catch Sam Bee Ripping Into Chris Cuomo For Being Too Lovey With Kellyanne Conway?

Last night, Samantha Bee used her show on TBS to highlight the achievements of “Donald Trump‘s omnipresent spokes-cobra,” Kellyanne Conway. Bee jokingly showed a mock-up of Conway on the cover of Pussy-grabber Enabler Monthly and rolled her eyes at Conway’s pivots away from tough questions to applause, but it was her slam of CNN’s Chris Cuomo that is flying under the joke radar today.

Bee showed a clip of Conway telling Cuomo during a recent New Day appearance, “You just want to argue with me!”

Cuomo responded, “Not at all. I love you, Kellyanne, and you know it! … You are welcome any time to come on New Day. I’ll make your coffee myself!”

“For more about Kellyanne and Chris’ torrid affair, you can read my erotic novelization, This Just In,” Bee deadpanned as the cover to a paperback romance featuring the pollster and the anchor flashed across the screen behind her.

Who says CNN is unkind to the Trump camp? (Besides Trump, we mean.)

Watch above for the whole clip, but wait until about 5:05 for the New Day segment.

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