Dinesh D’Souza ‘Doesn’t Want to Seem Like a Crybaby’ About Google and Costco, But…


Dinesh D’Souza continued to claim Monday that there is a political conspiracy against him, and that Costco and Google are in on it. On the Lars Larson Show, D’Souza, who recently pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation, said that the CEOs of the two companies where his work had recently been made allegedly inaccessible, in Costco’s case by pulling his book and in Google’s case by messing with his SEO, were both Obama supporters.

“It is not [accidental],” he told Larson. “When you look at both Costco and Google, it is the case that the top executives of both of those companies are very much in bed with Obama. Now, that’s a fact. It doesn’t mean they run their corporation that way and I am sure there are other companies where the CEOs give to Obama or gave to Romney and nevertheless they have customers and they are happy to service them across the political spectrum.”

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“So I don’t want to seem like a crybaby, I’ve tried to be very restrained with Google and just say, ‘I am puzzled, I am baffled, I am frustrated,’” he continued. “I am not saying anything more than that but it has been now over two weeks and it is time to get this settled.”

Why doesn’t he want to seem like a crybaby, specifically? Probably because a Fox guest called him one a couple weeks ago for complaining about Costco’s decision (which has since been reversed).

Listen to the clip below, via Right Wing Watch:

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