‘Disgusting’: Susan Sarandon Slams DNC, CNN and MSNBC for Colluding to Help Hillary Win

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.09.02 AMProminent Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon is making it clear she is furious about allegations that the Democratic National Committee discussed how to tilt the 2016 election in Hillary Clinton‘s favor.

The leak of the DNC’s emails has already had explosive consequences ahead of the party’s Philadelphia convention, and the Vermont senator’s most passionate supporters are showing plenty of outrage. Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks caught up with Sarandon at a Climate Revolution Rally, and the actress held nothing back.

“That’s so disgusting,” Sarandon said. “The critical question is, does it matter?…I think we really have to ask ‘what’s happened to us’ in terms of what we’re willing to sacrifice to get our person in?”

Sarandon went on to point out examples of the media being unfair to Sanders, and she opined that CNN and MSNBC engaged in “collusion” to frame their coverage in a singular way.

“The good news is that people are awake,” Sarandon said. “They feel empowered and they feel angry…I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen. I’m really loving all these young people that are like ‘no, I’m not accepting this.’ That’s how this country was built.”

Sarandon has expressed major reluctance about voting for Clinton in the past, and said her indictment for her own email scandal was “inevitable.”

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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