Dispatches From Fox Nation: FNC Ambusher Nails Rep. Grayson

foxnation_10-28Dispatches From Fox Nation:

You kind of felt like this was coming. In the wake of Rep. Alan Grayson‘s recent comments (and subsequent apology) about a female adviser to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, calling her a “K Street whore,” Fox News has dispatched its Chief Ambush Correspondent Griff Jenkins to corner the controversial Dem.

You’ll see the full ambush on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor, but the Fox Nation members got a preview this afternoon. The post, headlined, “Exclusive! ‘O’Reilly Factor’ Confronts Grayson Over Offensive Remarks“, links to a video preview (you can see it below).

It’s pretty much what you’d expect – “I’m asking you to do what every other reputable news source does, which is to make an appointment,” says Grayson, as well as other variations of that same phrase.

The Fox Nation is full of fair and balanced commenting, as usual.

“irondog” had this to say:

You can just tell fat-boy got his head dunked in Mr. toilet when he was in High School…………………..Peanut says,…..He probably looks at Sarah Palin and touches his chubby.

“California has failed” put it this way:

This guy is just your typical liberal that has mental problems.

Get ready for more ambushing tonight. The Fox Nation can’t wait…

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