Display At Baby Gap Spirals Into “Lynching” Controversy. Yes, Really.

It’s not a shirtless congressman with a red Blackberry, but it’s a pretty stunning photo anyway. Gawker has posted a photo from a “tipster” of what appears to be a display at the Baby Gap store near Union Square in Manhattan. And wow, if that doesn’t look like a stylized tree with two very real ropes tied like nooses. And that just doesn’t scream baby to me.

Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan says “We’ve emailed Gap for some clarification, and we’ll update with their reply,” though the post reveals later on a store employee reportedly told a commenter that the photo captures an “unfinished” display that was designed to show two babies sitting in a swing. This may be a case of, don’t leave half-finished tree swing displays on display where customers have cell phone cameras. Because that one image? That’s not the kind of viral traffic you’re looking for, Baby Gap.

After all, Baby Gap has some really cute baby stuff. But you don’t want to show up at the next playdate and have the other parents ask if you got that cute onesie at the “lynching place.” Shivers.

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