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DNC 2014 Election Autopsy: We Don’t Need to Change Policy to Win Elections

dwsThe Democratic National Committee today released its autopsy on its huge 2014 midterms loss and concluded that the problem isn’t that the voters disagree with them, it’s that candidates aren’t doing a good enough job connecting with voters.

The autopsy reads that the midterms “made it abundantly clear that… Americans overwhelmingly support the issues and values that the Democratic Party fights for every day.” The onus is placed on the aforementioned connection with voters and changes to campaign finance laws.

One of the big problems they admit to is that there is no clear answer to the question “What does it mean to be a Democrat?” That has led to confusion and mixed messaging that “impedes the Party’s ability to develop and maintain a lifelong dialogue and partnership with voters.”

And so they’re starting a National Narrative Project to go around the country and find out from Democrats what being a member of the party means to them.

They also want to build better relationships with all state Democratic parties.

And in addition to all that, DNC task force member Maria Cardona told MSNBC, “We don’t believe that we need to change anything from a policy standpoint to win elections.”

You can read the full autopsy here.

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