Do These Clinton-Bashing Tweets From Fiorina Mean She’s Endorsing Trump Now Or What?

Hmmm. Take a look at these tweets from Carly Fiorina, who is not exactly known for Twitter rants like some people are.

So, uh, what does this seemingly unprovoked attack on Hillary Clinton mean? Is Fiorina endorsing Donald Trump, since he just got the requisite number of delegates to be considered the GOP’s nominee today?

She certainly hasn’t seemed interested in endorsing him before. She ran against him and when she lost, she linked up with Ted Cruz to run against him again (and lost again). Did she finally give up and decide to back the business mogul or is she just refusing to vote this year? What is going on? And why tweet about it right now with no explanation?

[image via Twitter]

For less context-free tweets, try this.

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