‘Do You Have the Evidence?’: CNN Anchor Battles Kris Kobach Over Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim


During an interview on CNN today, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach engaged in a bit of a contentious discussion with CNN anchor Kate Bolduan over President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud.

Kobach, who has made numerous accusations of in-person voter fraud in the past, appeared on CNN late this morning to back up the Trump administration’s latest claims regarding illegal voting regarding New Hampshire. In comments made to a group of senators, Trump stated that thousands of people were bused into New Hampshire from Massachusetts to vote, an allegation that senior policy adviser Stephen Miller doubled down on this past Sunday.

According to the Kansas SoS, he spoke with the New Hampshire Secretary of State and was told that they had 6,000 people who registered to vote on Election Day who used an out-of-state driver’s license. Among those 6,000, three thousand has Massachusetts IDs. Kobach then declared that many of these could have potentially voted in both states and we should know more by the end of the month.

“Stephen Miller over the weekend just yesterday said that thousands did vote illegally,” Bolduan declared. “He said thousands and thousands did vote illegally. Definitively saying that this actually happened. You are saying that there is going to be more data coming at the end of the month. Do you have the evidence?”

Kobach pivoted to talking about how he’s prosecuted cases of double voting in his state, with it being noted that he’s gotten a total of six guilty pleas. “Six cases does not widespread rampant voter fraud make,” the CNN anchor explained.

The two then engaged in a somewhat heated back-and-forth towards the end of the segment over Kobach and the Trump team having any actual evidence of thousands being bused into New Hampshire to vote.

As Kobach insisted there were “prospective cases” that could possibly show that Miller was correct to say thousands voted illegally, Bolduan let him know what prospective meant.

“Prospective is not confirmed,” she exclaimed. “Prospective does not mean illegal votes!”

Kobach said, once again, we will know at the ened of the month.

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