Doctor Refuses to Pay Bill for Multiple Strip Club Visits; Claims He Was Drugged

A New York strip club is suing a cardiologist for not paying a hefty fine he incurred after four separate visits to the establishment. Dr. Zyad Younan is refusing to pay the roughly $135,000 fine, arguing on each of those days he either wasn’t there or drugged.

One can only imagine what one could spent that much money on four separate strip club visits for, but even though Scores New York’s lawsuit contends he “voluntarily came to plaintiff’s place of business and requested that plaintiff provide him with food, beverages and services,” Younan insists that is not the case.

Younan says, according to the suit, that “he was drugged by plaintiff’s employees and thus did not authorize the charges and/or he was not at plaintiff’s place of business on the aforesaid dates.” However, Scores insists it has video of him inside the establishment all four days.

[h/t NYDN]
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