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Does Heinz’s New Mad Men Ad Have Trump Subtext?

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Fifty fictional years ago, Mad Men‘s Don Draper pitched a campaign to Heinz. The campaign was new and different because it actually didn’t feature the ketchup at all. Its aim was to show foods that go well with the popular condiment and to have people crave it in its absence.

Don Draper did not win the account, but now, in 2017 Heinz has accepted the pitch. The brand known for its ketchup told AdWeek that they’ve made three ads that will each get their own billboards in New York City as well as spots in the New York Post. Each will feature a food that is only missing some Heinz ketchup. Two of the foods they’ve chosen are French fries and burgers. The other? Steak.

Of course, these are the foods that were featured on the TV show which came out long before President Donald Trump took office or won the election. But, steak and ketchup are talked about together a lot lately, largely because of him. Is it possible that the new ads have some Trump subtext? TIME‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith seems to think so:

It’s hard to think of steak and ketchup as a combination without thinking of Trump, so it’s certainly possible.

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