Does This JCPenney Tea Kettle Look Like Hitler? Many Seem To Think So…

Does This JCPenney Tea Kettle Look Like Hitler?

JCPenney’s new billboard advertising a designer tea kettle has many California motorists seeing Nazis.

How? Because, to many, the Michael Graves-designed kettle looks like Adolf Hitler with right hand extended outward in the infamous Nazi salute.

The eerie tea kettle doppelgänger first made waves on Reddit this weekend, when a user posted an image of the billboard from the 405 Interstate near Culver City, Calif. The image soon spread all over the web. The user posted the blurred and clean image of the billboard, for effect:

Some Reddit users considered whether the ad was done “on purpose” as an attempt at “viral” marketing: “[L]ook at us – we’re all looking at and sharing a picture of an advertisement. If it was done on purpose to get people’s attention, but keep the ability to deny doing it on purpose, it’s brilliant,” said user LevTolstoy.

“I’m a little Nazi, short and stout,” added another user.

The tea kettle costs $40 on the department store’s website.

JCPenney has yet to comment, but compare below and decide for yourself. And Happy Tuesday after a long weekend!

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