‘Dog and Pony Show’: Tammy Duckworth Slams Trump’s Senate Briefing on North Korea as Glorified Photo-Op

Much was made of the unusual briefing conducted at the White House on Wednesday, as the entire Senate was brought to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an update on North Korea.

But for all of the trouble the White House went to in order to gather the Senate on their turf, one notable lawmaker slammed the proceedings as a complete waste of time.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360, Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) dismissed the briefing as nothing more than a glorified photo-op.

“I seriously felt like I could have gotten all that information by reading a newspaper,” Duckworth said. “I did not see any new information coming out of that briefing at all. It felt more like a dog and pony show to me than anything else.”

Host Anderson Cooper asked Duckworth if she thought the briefing served primarily as an item for President Donald Trump to add to a list of accomplishments in the first 100 days.

“I guess they successfully accomplished putting 100 people on three busses and tying up traffic in Washington, D.C. to get us over there for a briefing,” Duckworth said.

The briefing was par for the course, according to Duckworth. In her view, the White House appears to be far more concerned with perception than reality.

“I wish the White House would actually care more about getting stuff done instead of just coming out with rhetoric and tweets,” Duckworth said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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