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Don Jr. Attacks ABC’s Martha Raddatz For Column Defending Bond Between War Reporters and Vets

In response to ABC News chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz’s Washington Post op-ed on President Donald Trump hurting the US military’s relationship with the press, first-son Donald Trump Jr. slammed the reporter as someone with “extreme” liberal bias and regurgitated a right-wing smear claiming she cried on-air after Hillary Clinton lost.

“Your crying on live tv on election night probably has nothing to do with the extreme bias exhibited daily by the liberal media, but in case it did why the hell would any rational person trust the media these days?” Tweeted Donald Jr. in response to Raddetz sharing her “My thoughts after President Trump urged veterans to mistrust the press.”

“Give me a break,” he added.

Top CNN media reporter Brian Stelter then responded to Donald Jr. by calling out his lie about Raddatz, as he shared a clip of her 2016 election night coverage in which her voice can be heard cracking as she — a seasoned war reporter — discussed the US military’s role in defending the Constitution.

As for Raddatz’s piece for the Post, she detailed her time working alongside American soldiers in the Middle East and wrote about how a trusting bond between the military and the press allowed for their stories to be told. Raddatz then juxtaposed that with the treatment of the press at Trump’s recent rally in Kansas City, Missouri where he encouraged a crowd of veterans to yell at reporters covering the event.

“Have those veterans who booed and taunted the media in response to Trump’s cue forgotten that some members of the press corps are combat veterans?” She wrote.

“[Trump’s attacks against the press] hits all of us in the press corps, no matter what we cover and how we cover it,” Raddatz noted. “Over time it will take its toll. That will be a shame, and not only for our democracy. If Trump’s rallying cry continues to resonate, it will be a terrible loss for the very veterans he claims he wants to help.”

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