Don Lemon Addresses His Divisive Interview With Sheriff Clarke: ‘Sad That Emotion Trumps Facts’

don lemonOn Monday afternoon, CNN anchor Don Lemon took to his Facebook page to briefly address the backlash and controversy surrounding an interview he did last night with Sheriff David Clarke.

The Milwaukee Sheriff has been a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter effort, and used many cable news appearances to address what he refers to as a “phony movement.” The Sunday night interview featured Lemon attempting to have a calm and rationale dialogue while Clarke ripped into what he deemed to be at the center of the recent racial divides of our nation.

“This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology from Black Lives Matter has fueled that rage against police officers,” Clarke told Lemon. At one point, Lemon even had to suspend the interview to cut to commercial, asking his guest point-blank if he would be allowed to speak instead of being shouted over.

On Monday, Lemon wrote:

“Sad that emotion trumps facts and rhetoric thwarts honest discussion,” the CNN vet wrote.

Sheriff Clarke is a featured speaker at this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. “I wish you had that message of civility towards this hateful ideology,” Clarke charged at Lemon regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

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