Don Lemon: It’s Hypocritical of Trump to Run on Business Record and Fail to Disclose Taxes

LemonCNN’s Don Lemon said it was “hypocritical” of Donald Trump to run on his prowess as a businessman, then fail to disclose his tax returns, which would give American voters more insight into exactly how he made his fortune and how big it was.

“The American people want to know if he is who he says he is,” Lemon said. “That’s not too much to ask when that is the centerpiece of why he’s running for President of the United States.”

Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller refused to answer, immediately pivoting to Hillary Clinton and demanding the panel discuss her failures to be transparent. When pressed, Miller said that this was an “asked and answered” issue since Trump had already submitted finance disclosure forms in keeping with FEC requirements.

Miller further accused Lemon and the co-panelists of being obsessed with whether or not Trump had honestly represented his finances. “You two should get a show together,” he said, “where you can call it We Talk About Trump’s Taxes All Day Long While ISIS Is Marauding Across the World.”

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