Donald Trump Aide Fired Following Unflattering BuzzFeed Profile

Sam Nunberg, an aide to Donald Trump, has been fired after BuzzFeed came out with a very unflattering profile of the New York mogul. Reports on Nunberg’s departure note he was the one who pushed for the meeting between Trump and BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins in the first place.

Now, Nunberg told TheWrap he resigned, but a New York Post report on the incident featuring quotes from both Nunberg and Trump says he was fired. Nunberg told the Post he accepted responsibility for pushing for the interview and offered his resignation, but Trump “didn’t accept that” and fired him instead.

Meanwhile, Trump himself corroborated the firing and said he warned Nunberg that he would be responsible for how the profile turned out.

“I said to Sam, ‘If this guy writes a fair story, that’s fine. But if he writes a wise-guy story, you’ll be fired.’ And I said to Sam, ‘OK?’…

After the article appeared, Trump acknowledged, “I called [Nunberg] in and said, ‘Sam, you’re fired!'”

Trump also said the profile was full of “inaccurate reporting.”

[h/t TheWrap]

[photo via Gage Skidmore]

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