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Donald Trump: Bernie Sanders Is a ‘Maniac’ and ‘Communist’

Donald Trump
turned his sights on Bernie Sanders during a Wednesday speech, telling a Virginia crowd that the Democratic presidential candidate was a “maniac” and a “communist.”

“I watched Hillary last night, ‘we’re gonna give this, we’re gonna give that, we’re going to give that,'” he said. “The poor woman, she’s gotta give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right was giving everything away, so she’s following! That’s what’s happening.”

“This socialist-slash-communist, okay? Nobody wants to say it,” Trump said to wild applause.

“He’s gonna tax you people at 90 percent; he’s gonna take everything!” he continued. “And nobody’s heard the term ‘communist.’ I call him a socialist-slash-communist because that’s what he is.”

Watch above, via Associated Press.

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