Donald Trump Calls Jonathan Capehart the Real ‘Racist’

In response to Jonathan Capehart‘s Washington Post column castigating Donald Trump for comments made about Mexican immigrants, Trump employed the age-old retort to being called a racist: Call the other person “the real racist.”

Decrying Trump’s “baldly racist xenophobia” in a Monday blog post, Capehart, who is black, railed against the Republican’s presumably supportive retweet of a man suggesting Jeb Bush is pro-immigration reform because his wife is a Mexican-American.

“[A]t the rate things are going, [Hispanic] voters will never come back [to the Republican Party],” Capehart concluded. “Nor should they.”

As he is wont to do, Trump had one of his minions print up a copy of the column so that he could personally write a note to its author and have it delivered to them. See below what Capehart received:

For those who can’t read it: “Jonathan — You are the racist, not I. Get rid of your ‘hate.’ Best wishes, Donald Trump”

Congrats to Capehart on his new wall art.

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