Trump Explodes At Jeff Sessions: ‘Very Weak Position on Hillary Clinton Crimes’

Donald Trump is now at open war with his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

The President of the United States dedicated his morning Twitter tirade Tuesday to a two-part assault on Sessions, blasting him for ignoring what he said were Ukrainian efforts to help Hillary Clinton and having a “very weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes.

Trump even took a moment to play the role of Executive Producer, tagging Sean Hannity in one tweet in a clear suggestion of what should be the news on his popular prime time program.

He also for good measure took a short at acting FBI director Andrew McCabe — once a finalist to lead the department after the departure of James Comey.

The relationship between Trump and Sessions took a nasty turn after the Attorney General recused himself from the Russia investigation. The decision left Sessions’ DOJ deputy Rod Rosenstein in charge of the probe and ultimately led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Over the last few days, Trump has ratcheted up the heat on Sessions considerably. Only yesterday he tweeted that Session was “beleaguered” in his role as Attorney General. The President also savaged Sessions in a remarkable interview to the New York Times. In the nearly hour-long discussion, he told reporters at a publication he routinely savages as “failing” that he regretted appointing Sessions, one of his oldest campaign allies.

News also emerged yesterday that the White House was thinking about Rudy Giuliani and Ted Cruz as possible replacements. In a press conference last week, Sessions has insisted that he loved his job and had no plans of going anywhere.

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