Donald Trump Jr. Shares Top Gun Parody Depicting Trump Shooting Down ‘CNN’ Jet

One of he best I’ve seen. #Repost @oldrowofficial ・・・ Hey @cnn we heard you like memes s p i c y b o i

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Not much to say here other than this is kind of gross.

Last Sunday President Donald Trump set off a media firestorm when he tweeted out a video clip that depicted him “clotheslining” Vince McMahon with a CNN logo for his head. Was it a joke or inciting violence on journalists was a debate that raged on cable news shows or the following days.

Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as yesterday, Donald Trump, Jr. shared a video parody from 80’s flick Top Gun in which President Trump is “Maverick” and the Soviet “bogey” is fashioned with the CNN logo. Killing Trump’s media opponents in such violent manner isn’t likely a real interpretation of this video, until someone who might be unbalanced sees it as less a joke and more as motivation.

The irony of Trump Jr. depicting his father battling CNN instead of a then-Soviet jet will not be lost on many who woke up to read Trump’s tweet storm announcing that it is now time to work constructively with Russia!


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