Donald Trump Retweets Yet Another White Supremecist

Presidential candidate Donald Trump retweeted a white supremacist Tuesday. Again.

Trump manually retweeted a laudatory tweet from the account @keksec_org, which belongs to Dutch writer Jason Bergkamp. A link in Bergkamp’s profile reveals that he writes for Vanguard 14, an outlet that promises “to satisfy the demand for unbiased and factual news about topics such as: white nationalism, genocide” and focuses on the “white genocide” of post-apartheid South Africa.

Trump white supremecist

Bergkamp’s favorite Twitter habit is posting pictures of beautiful women with the hashtag #WhiteGirlsAreMagic. Denunciations of “racemixing” are also frequent.

The Hill notes that this is far from the first time Trump has retweeted Bergkamp; the most recent retweet was actually Trump’s seventh.

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