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Donny Deutsch Goes Off: ‘There Needs to be Rage,’ Trump Tweets Are Like ‘Britney Spears’

Morning Joe opened up Friday with a feisty start courtesy of frequent guest Donny Deutsch. For yet another day, co-host Mika Brzezinski brought the discussion back to Donald Trump’s incendiary claims of wiretapping from his predecessor Barack Obama.

As we learned yesterday, the president continues to stand by the claim despite a growing number of Republican and Democratic lawmakers who have called the allegations baseless.

“I’ve heard from the inside, days after this happened, that [Trump] knows he shouldn’t have done this and he kind of shrugged it off,” said Brzezinski. “Everyone is wasting a lot of very valuable time in Washington.”

“There needs to be rage about this,” Deutsch interjected. “If a 7th grader sent out on social media a text that said ‘oh, that other student cheated’… they would be expelled. Should we not hold our president to the same accountability as a 7th grader? He not only lies, he maliciously lies.”

“The system is holding him,” said fellow commentator Mark Halperin, but Deutsch cut him off.

“What is the end? Is it just an oops, a Britney Spears oops, I did it again, what are the repercussions?”

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