Earnest: Obama Does Not Expect Hillary to Apologize to Him Over Email Scandal

earnestDuring Thursday’s White House press conference, Josh Earnest was asked whether Hillary Clinton owed President Obama an apology for using private email when she was Secretary of State. Earnest responded that Obama has neither asked Clinton for an apology, nor does he really expect one.

“I don’t think that [Obama] has asked or sought anything like that,” Earnest said. “Clearly, Secretary Clinton was speaking about her own views and her own feelings about exactly what had happened; and she made those views known.”

Fox’s James Rosen also grilled Earnest about Clinton’s recent Facebook post on her email scandal, asking him to confirm whether it was true that those communicating with Clinton knew of her private server. Earnest said it was likely that Obama knew that certain emails came from an address outside of the State Department email, but not that it was a non-government server.

Earnest also remarked to Rosen he’s not sure how email correspondence works at Fox. Rosen told him that wasn’t the issue, but Earnest said the point was that not many people know how exactly how emails are processed or stored.

You can watch the video here:

[h/t Free Beacon]
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