Earnest on Obama ‘Photo Op’ Remark: Fixating on Photo Ops Shows Poor Priorities

President Obama didn’t go to the U.S.-Mexican border earlier this week because, as the president put it, he’s “not interested in photo ops.” That remark invited skepticism and mockery this week, and today White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended the president, saying that prioritizing a photo op over action doesn’t show a serious desire to get things done.

CBS reporter Mark Knoller asked the big question: Obama didn’t really mean he’s swearing off photo ops, right? Well, of course not. Earnest said Obama’s more concerned with solving problems, and just because he didn’t go to the border doesn’t mean he’s not taking action in other ways. He took a shot at Republicans going on cable news shows, saying, “Being photographed talking about strengthening border security is a lot less important than placing a vote on a piece of legislation that would do exactly that.”

Earnest continued to press the point and said, “When you prioritize photo ops ahead of solutions to actual problems, you’re not really accomplishing very much.”

Watch the video below:

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