Ed Henry: CNN’s Acosta ‘Overreacting’ With Criticisms of White House Press Briefings

Fox’s Ed Henry thinks CNN’s Jim Acosta needs to dial back his criticisms for the White House’s recent string of off-camera press briefings.

Acosta slammed the White House recently for not taking CNN’s questions, and he also called Press Secretary Sean Spicer “kind of useless” for retreating from televised press gaggles. Howard Kurtz asked Henry about this when he appeared on MediaBuzz, and the Fox national correspondent said Acosta crossed the line by comparing the situation to the Soviet Union.

“I think everybody, frankly, is overacting to this whole issue of White House briefings, getting lost in all kinds of side issues,” said Henry. “The real issue is the credibility of the White House press secretary, but frankly, the credibility of correspondents as well.”

Henry said he respects Acosta as a friend and colleague, though he warned about White House correspondents getting opinionated in their reporting. Even so, Henry agreed with Acosta that the White House must be transparent, and that Spicer should get back in front of the camera and face the tough questions.

Earlier in the show, Kurtz spoke to Spicer about Acosta’s remarks, and the Press Secretary said the critiques were “sad” and “nonsensical.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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