Ed Schultz Blows Up At POLITICO Over Report On His MSNBC Move: ‘Nothing But A Bunch Of Freaking Whores’

Schultz Blows Up At POLITICO Over Report On His Move: 'Nothing But A Bunch Of Freaking Whores'

Ed Schultz has never been particularly shy about responding to media stories about him and his relationship with MSNBC, and following Schultz’s shift from the coveted 8 P.M. slot to a weekend program, many in the media have speculated about what this means for Schultz’s future at the network. POLITICO’s Dylan Byers wrote in his report following Schultz’s announcement that MSNBC insiders do not consider the move to be as amicable as Schultz suggested. Schultz expressed his outrage at the report last week when he called POLITICO “freaking whores.”

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Schultz railed against all the reporting about his potentially rocky relationship with his employer, insisting that he wanted the lighter workload. He complained about “media people who haven’t even had the courtesy to call me,” and called POLITICO out in particular for its reporting.

“I’m amazed at media vultures out there who think that they’re gaining respect by people because they talk to someone anonymously. POLITICO, they’re nothing but a bunch of freaking whores down there in Washington. That’s all they are. They don’t know their ass from third base and none of their people have talked to me.”

Listen to the audio below:

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