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Edward Snowden Would Like to Extend His Russian Vacation

Has it been a year already?

Edward Snowden, who was granted twelve months’ asylum in Russia last July after the revocation of his passport left him stranded in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, has applied for another year’s stay. His lawyer said the process for renewal was fairly straightforward (because we all know Russian bureaucracy is a breeze) and that the renewal application had already been submitted.

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Russian President and 2005 Super Bowl champion Vladimir Putin’s acceptance of Snowden last summer heightened tensions between Russia and the U.S., which wanted Snowden returned to face prosecution for leaking a Pulitzer’s worth of classified NSA material. Putin has said the country is not protecting Snowden, simply allowing him to live within its borders, while many in the intelligence community have wondered whether Snowden was giving intelligence to Russia in exchange for asylum.

Snowden’s lawyer did not say whether the NSA leaker had applied for a change in status, i.e. Russian citizenship. “The decision lies with the Federal Migration Service,” he said.

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